Physician Billing Services That Simplify a Complex and Time-Consuming Task

You most likely chose the field of medicine to help people be healthy, not to fill out a mountain of paperwork and spend hours talking to insurance companies. STAT MEDICAL CONSULTING, Inc. is here to do that part for you with our physicians billing services. These services are designed to increase your efficiency and revenue, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we have a strict 24-hour turnaround for filing and work hard to obtain accurate reimbursement from insurance providers. All of this work is completely HIPPA-compliant as well for complete peace of mind.

Our professional billing service lets you focus on your practice and patients while leaving the claims and number crunching to us. With more than 25 years of experience, we know all of the billing codes and can work with any specialty in practices of all sizes. STAT MEDICAL CONSULTING, Inc. saves you money and time on software and training new staff while reducing the headaches of denied claims—and following up on any that might occur. An investment in a third-party medical billing company like ours can quickly pay for itself in terms of both added revenue and saved time.