Medical Coding Services – Essential for Full Reimbursement

Your physician’s office is in the business of health care, while our company is in the business of medical coding services. Let us work together for our mutual benefit.

As a doctor’s office, your focus is on the patients, and rightfully so. Your intention is to see to their health and well-being. However, these days, there is a complicated and confusing system for medical billing, so your practice receives proper reimbursement from the insurance companies. When accurate and professional medical coding is lacking, your practice ends up losing money.

Outsourcing Decreases Your Costs & Increases Your Billing

A small or mid-sized medical practice doesn’t have the time or resources to devote to medical coding services. This requires extensive training and certification with additional time spent in keeping up with the latest in coding systems, regulations, and best practices. To help you with this task, turn to STAT MEDICAL CONSULTING, Inc.

Our company specializes in medical billing and coding. For a fee, we take care of this task for you and help you maximize the reimbursements your doctors receive from the insurance company. The fee you pay is a small cost for bringing in necessary income. And the best news of all is our service allows you to concentrate on patient care instead of medical coding and billing.

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