Frequently Asked Questions about Third-Party Medical Billing Companies

Do you have any lingering questions that need to be answered before deciding to sign up to outsource your medical billing services? Modern technology has made patient data easy to transfer and protect, so reputable third-party medical billing companies should recognize the advantage in providing safe data handling for clients like you. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we get from current and potential customers. As always, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns that you need specific direction with.

Can I trust your company?

We are an established company with a proven track record. As our client’s needs change, we have adapted our services accordingly. If you are on the fence about hiring us, we happily provide references for you. We have more than 25 years of experience in medical billing. We also carry insurance coverage for errors and omission insurance.

How can I hire a billing company that is out of state?

Because of the HIPAA laws, compliant companies are now required to submit claims in a national standard format. Therefore, all claims, whether they originate from Alaska or Florida, have the same date field requirements and billing rules and regulations. This applies to all carriers, Medicare, State Medicaid, and even local IPA and health plans, thereby making it possible for a company in California to bill effectively for companies nationwide. Our extended and early hours make it possible to reach our company during all hours of nationwide operations.

Do I get the payments directly or do they go to the billing company?Money

This is your decision. Some practices prefer to receive all income directly, while others prefer to have us handle their checks and explanations of benefits directly. We make deposits directly to you and do not take percentages off the top.  Insurance companies are now increasingly requiring EFT and ERA ( Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Remittance Advice) so things are paperless.

Can I cancel at any time?

Our company works on an annual contractual basis. Without cause, you can provide 60 days’ written notice to cancel your contractual agreement at any time.

Do I have a guarantee?

We have no control over when an insurance company will pay a claim or how much an insurance company will pay for any services. We can, however, guarantee that the claim will be submitted within a 24-hour time period. We can also assure you that claims will be followed up on a timely basis. We will monitor your reimbursement to insure you are being paid accurately and appropriately. Because our company is paid on a percentage of collections, we do everything we can to expedite and be paid on your claims.

What do I do with my existing billing and outstanding receivables?

You can start with our company as of any date. We can “convert” the old accounts receivable and integrate it into our existing production schedule to minimize the amount of billing delays and interruption in cash flow as a result of changing billing companies and/or outsourcing your data. You can expect an average of 14 business days to convert old receivables into our new practice.

What software do you use?

Software options are vast. Medical billing software is a tool and is only as good as its users. We contract with a California-based software company called Kareo, which has been in business since the early 1980s. Our software  allows us the flexibility to perform billing for all specialties. Our software allows us to generate and support the CMS 1500 form, as well as UB-04’s. It has over 150 reports. To learn more visit them at the above link. Kareo Go Practice



In addition for ambulance billing we contract with AIM the country’s leader in software for ambulance and EMS billing.Ambulance Billing for Third-Party Medical Billing Companies





We also partner with CareWatch, for Home Electronic Monitoring Telecommunications for our Home Health customers.Logo of One of the Third-Party Medical Billing Companies




We are pleased to assist providers billing for the Kotler Nasal Airway Insertion.  So now patients can Breath clearly after Nasal or Sinus surgery.  Kotler Nasal Airway

How Much does it cost?

As a GSA Advantage vendor, we are in the database for Federal pricing. Our prices are based on your specialty and/or claim volume. Call us today for a quote.

If any of your questions have gone unanswered, contact us today to learn more about our medical billing company. We are able to assist practices nationwide but are located in Encino, CA.