Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

STAT Medical Consulting, Inc. is a full-service medical billing company that helps physicians and health care providers get the reimbursement they deserve from insurance providers and patients. We give you a solution to decreased cash flow and declining reimbursement without requiring more effort from your already overextended team. Our mission is to make your professional life easier and more profitable by increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Basics of Medical Billing Services Provided

We perform all areas of billing and accounts receivable management for solo and small group practices. Our company has clients with all medical and surgical specialties. Our medical billing services allow you to focus on your patients and give them the best care possible while we focus on running the business side of the organization.

Typical medical billing services we offer include patient registration, charge entry, patient statements, and standard reports. We assist offices in the following ways to reduce and eliminate unnecessary denials:

  • Keeping Patient Registration Forms Up-to-Date
  • Housing Copies of Patient Insurance Info at Our Facility
  • Tracking of Employer Information and Patient or Guarantor Info
  • Billing by Either Family or Individual
  • Teaching Your Personnel about Plans and Participation
  • Working with Your Office for Accuracy and Completeness

Patient Registration Leads to Faster Reimbursement

The accuracy of each patient’s demographic data is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire billing process. In order for you to get the fastest reimbursement you deserve, we make sure the right demographic info is in the system. In many cases, the patient may not realize they presented your office with the wrong insurance information because their own coverage changes so frequently.

Our medical billing services include patient registration and rectifying difficult situations on your behalf. If there is any demographic concern, we straighten it out and eliminate your involvement in this entire process.

Keying in All Charges as Your Medical Billing Partner

When you are juggling tasks throughout the day, it is easy to make a small mistake in entering your charge information. We handle all charges at our location and are familiar with identifying any missing information including missing or incorrect modifiers, misuse of a CPT code, use of an obsolete CPT code, and a missing or incorrect ICD-9 code. The number one problem that medical practices encounter when trying to get reimbursed is dealing with claims denials because of invalid or inaccurate codes.

Standard Reports as We Submit Claims

One of the most important factors of managing your medical billing is keeping you up-to-date on the process. We provide you with standard reports so you know what is going on, can easily see your bottom line, and scan for any obvious areas of concern. Our team identifies accounts of concern and itemizes the reports according to the factors you prefer to search for.

If you believe your practice needs to improve, our team offers you the useful Medical Practice Report Card tool. We evaluate the performance and efficiency of your practice’s operations then, recommend courses of action to improve your business. Learn more about medical practice reports here.

Contact us today to learn more about professional medical billing services and how we can increase your revenue. We are able to assist practices nationwide but are located in Encino, CA.